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Non financial information statement
Annual report 2018

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Antón Pradera
Jesús Mª Herrera

“The fine work done by in 2018 allows us to look to the future with optimism. We are convinced that in the coming years we will continue to deliver our objectives, overcoming any and all obstacles, by leveraging the ideas, experience and hard work of all.
Not satisfied with all of that, we are keen to make further progress on integrating social and environmental criteria into our activities and on engaging the entire organisation in that effort”.

2018 in review

Automotive revenue reached a record €3.03 billion, while recurring net profit continued to climb, to €243 million, which is a significant 20% more than in 2017.


We have arrived in the IBEX-35 to stay

Its entry into the blue chip index is a testament to the company’s history of profitable growth. It will inject liquidity and visibility into the stock, particularly vis-a-vis international investors.

rollout of the CSR workshops

After successfully celebrating the first CSR workshop in Europe in 2017, the company rolled it out to Brazil, the US, Mexico, China and India in 2018.
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Last year, the group continued to fine-tune its procurement model, carrying out quality controls and integrating ESG criteria into its supplier management processes. The new supplier portal ensures that the procurement model is framed by the criteria of objectivity, impartiality and equal opportunities.

New supplier portal

launched to facilitate end-to-end management


of Inteva’s roofing system division

The company will become the world’s third largest supplier of roofing systems, a clear commitment to comfort products.